Biodiversity hotspot

Madagascar is one of the most important biodiversity hotspots in the world. More than 160 million years ago Madagascar broke away from Africa and is a living example of flora and fauna evolution in isolation; undisturbed by outside influences and human beings. Over 70% of animals and 90% of plants found in Madagascar are endemic; found … More Biodiversity hotspot

Bounty beaches

Although we are not typical sun-sea-beach-people, the bounty beaches on Ile Saint Maris were quit awesome. Interesting fact is that the island became a popular base for priates in the 17th and 18th century; since it is located along the maritime routs from the East Indies, protected from storms and has an abundance of fruits. Every … More Bounty beaches

Sahalampona, rural village life in Madagascar

To reach the village Sahalampona you first need to follow a river on a small motorboat, 8 hours upstream from the neareast village accessible by car. Sahalampona has around 300 inhabitants. They are living from rice, fish and fruits. The river is their source of life; used for drinking, bathing, washing, swimming, fishing, transportation and irrigation. There … More Sahalampona, rural village life in Madagascar

Place of 1000 warriors

Antananarivo is the capital city of Madagascar. Literary it means ‘place of 1000 warriors’. The inhabitants of Madagascar are an interesting mix of people originating from South-East Asia (Indonesia, India, Malaysia) and the African East coast. Alltogether they became the Malagasy people; very friendly and hospital.    


Angkor is a region in Cambodia that served as the seat of the powerful Khmer Hindu-Buddhist empire in Southeast Asia. According my Lonely Planet Angkor is one of the most impressive ancient sites on earth, with the epic proportions of the Great Wall of China, the detail and intricacy of the Taj Mahal and the … More Angkor

Lucky in Cambodia

I was already sweating and panting when I walked out of the airport in Siem Reap (Cambodia). 37 degrees Celcius. I organised my luggage in the shadow and decided where to go. Someone with a cap came at me and asked with a bright smile if he could bring me anywhere. We chatted a bit … More Lucky in Cambodia

Tour de Rwanda

During the week of 16 to 23 November we were witness of the Tour de Rwanda. This is one of the big UCI Africa tours and a big happening in Rwanda. A time trial as prologue and seven stages of which the last one consisted of 9 rounds through Kigali. The stages went through the … More Tour de Rwanda