Lucky in Cambodia

I was already sweating and panting when I walked out of the airport in Siem Reap (Cambodia). 37 degrees Celcius. I organised my luggage in the shadow and decided where to go. Someone with a cap came at me and asked with a bright smile if he could bring me anywhere. We chatted a bit while walking to his tuk-tuk. ‘Where are you from?’ ‘From the Netherlands’. He nodded vaguely. ‘Holland’, I said. I always refuse to say Holland in the first place, since I am coming from the Netherlands. A bit stubborn because I always end up in Holland. ‘Ah Holland!’ he reacted enthusiast. ‘It is very cold there.’ I laughed; ‘Yes, that’s true but it is too hot here’. He introduced himself; ‘I am Samyang’. I couldn’t hear it properly but he pointed proudly to his vehicle where his name was carved out in the wood. ‘Samyang, it means Lucky, you can call me Lucky.’ ‘Wauw, that’s a nice name, I am Anna’. I bargained for the price, but he said: ‘I can only do that if you give me a job tomorrow’. Well, that actually feels good if you can ensure someone a living for the next day, so we made a fair arrangement. I had a nice ride while the warm wind was blowing in my face. The next early morning Lucky was not there. I refused the offers of other drivers, since I made a promise to Lucky. But I  didn’t want to miss the sunrise at Angkor Wat, so fifteen minutes later I made a deal with another tuk-tuk driver. He didn’t knew Samyang, but he said I was too late. I guess Samyang was Lucky today.

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