About us


We are Bouke Pieter en Annegreet Ottow, and we like to call ourselves the Wondering Nomads.

  • Nomads because we love to live and travel around the world. From place to place to find new pastures. Explore different cultures. Adventure. Step out of our comfort zones and wander around.
  • Wondering because we are immensely enjoying the wonder of this beatiful creation with all it’s lovely people and amazing nature. But also wondering on how the earth can look even more beautiful. Pondering on questions how we should live and treat each other.

Life is extremely unfair and not for granted. The most vulnerable people often fall victim to injustice. The resources on the earth are not unlimited. The earth is not ours, but we feel it as our responsibility to take care of it in righteousness. We hope to stay open minded and curious with an eager to learn attitude. We want to accept people and forgive mistakes so we will be able to fully love each other.

We want to see people who can feel joy and despite (cultural) differences care for each other and the earth wholeheartedly, with compassion and authenticity and thereby making the earth a little more beautiful.

Website structure

We would like to share our experiences as Wondering Nomads on this website. As we are inspired by so many people around the world who shared their lives with us, we hope to inspire you by sharing pieces of our life. We will share our insights, our struggles and our hopeful moments. We also want to give you the ability to look through the same lense so you can wonder yourself. All the photo’s on this website are made by ourselves, unless else mentioned.

The posts on our website are categorised in 3 themes named Living, Work and Travel.

  1. Living contains posts on our lifestyle. How we are currently living in our yurt. About the plans on how we want to build our own tiny house.
  2. Work contains the stories which are related to our humanitarian jobs. About the life stories from the people we come accross. How it is to be a humanitarian.
  3. Travel contains mainly pictures about our travels. It is about advanture and discovery.

Do small things with great love, but don’t forget to enjoy the view!

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this website are solely ours and should not be taken, in any way, to reflect the official opinion of any organisation.

6 thoughts on “About us

  1. Prachtige site Annegreet en Bouke Pieter. Ik kijk ernaar uit om om de hoogte te blijven van jullie avonturen in Zuid-Sudan!


  2. Wat een ontdekking deze Blog.. Erg mooi.
    Inspirerende en boeiende teksten en prachtige foto’s. Ik hoop dat jullie in Zuid-Sudan ook de mogelijkheid hebben om er jullie ervaringen en foto’s op te zetten.
    Ik kijk er naar uit.


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