Life in the streets of Egypt

Through the mirror in the barber shop

Walking through unknown streets and small alleys. The noise of the busy road is replaced by laughing children running around the corner. A woman is hanging the laundry on her balcony. The smells of falafel, oven baked flatbreads and chopped cilantro come to you. A man is proudly showing his freshly baked fish. The streets in Cairo and Alexandria are lively, people are very warm and welcoming. Just by wandering through the streets you will find a small glimpse of the people’s lives. The photos in this series will take you along.

“Ever since I started working, I believed that I had a cause. My cause is absent or lost history; the people whom you see on the streets, in homes, farms and factories. These people have history, and at one time they have participated in establishing and forming life. They have enriched humanity. How can we bring them back to that same role? How can we retrieve their positive and strong contributions in life? They must first know who they were, what they were and what they have introduced. We must connect the human of today with the human of yesterday to reach the human of tomorrow. This is my cause.”
|Shady Abel Shalam|

2 thoughts on “Life in the streets of Egypt

  1. Zo goed om weer van jullie te horen.
    Lees het altijd met een glimlach of een traan.
    Deze keer een glimlach.

    X Josephus & Margreet


  2. Weer een prachtige serie. Mooi dat je bij de beroepen echt contact met de vakmensen hebt. Echt heel mooi.


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