Baseline survey

WakaWaka will enter the Rwandan solar market this November to pilot a new pay-as-you-go energy service; the Virtual Grid. To measure the impact of the WakaWaka Virtual Grid a baseline study has been carried out. The baseline gives the current status of the livelihood circumstances of the target popluation; off-grid households in rural Rwanda. For … More Baseline survey

Improved cookstoves

Finally a post about stoves, the actual reason we are here. Almost half of the world’s population is relying on solid fuels for cooking, mainly burned on inefficient open fires and traditional stoves. What many people don’t know is that the arising smoke causes acute respiratory infections (ARI) by mainly women and children, leading up … More Improved cookstoves

Let the water run

We are working on a micro hydropower plant. In the first weeks we were focusing on making the foundations for the penstock (a tube where the water runs through). But that´s not as easy as it looks like. Here you really realize where your materials are coming from. For example the sand needs to be … More Let the water run