WakaWaka launch in off-grid Rwanda

Tunga WakaWaka uyu munzi, uzigamire ejo hazaza hawe heza!
Get your WakaWaka today, safe for a better tomorrow!

This is the slogan of the WakaWaka Virtual Grid in Rwanda. The small, efficent and low-cost WakaWaka provides smoke-free light in the evening, energy to charge a mobile phone and looks like a cool gadget. To create awareness into the rural areas we had to go to the local markets, far from the tarmac road. In all of the three target districts there has been a so-called roadshow; a day-filling program of sketches, music, dance, games and prices. The result was hundreds of WakaWaka’s being sold and a lot of happy faces! To make it all official the final launch was in Kigali, in a chique hotel with a famous Rwandan singer and speeches of important people.

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