Improved cookstoves

Finally a post about stoves, the actual reason we are here. Almost half of the world’s population is relying on solid fuels for cooking, mainly burned on inefficient open fires and traditional stoves. What many people don’t know is that the arising smoke causes acute respiratory infections (ARI) by mainly women and children, leading up to 2 million deaths every year on a global scale (in comparison; 1.7 million are dying from AIDS-related causes). Poor households in rural and peri-urban areas do not have an alternative source of energy besides biomass, since there is a lack of availability and affordability of alternative energy sources and limited access to electricity. The dependence on biomass is leading to deforestation, soil degradation and desertification.
SCODE is a NGO in Kenya, based in Nakuru, which tries to tackle these problems by promoting improved cookstoves (ICS). The survey I did gives insights about the fuel savings in real-world settings by using improved cookstoves instead of the traditional three-stone fire. The improved cookstove users save around 40% fuelwood, which is a lot in time and money. Furthermore the smoke emmissions are reduced by 30%.

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