The Maasai are an ethnic group of nomadic people living in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. They still live according their age-old customs. They only eat meat (goat and sometimes cow), milk and blood. Once in a while they exchange goods for maize. Every seventh year they move to another place where they will rebuild … More Maasai


We visited our sponsor child Elizabeth Anindo in Esikhuyu, Western Kenya. Elizabeth is 14 years old and lives with her father, mother and three siblings in the hills of Esikhuyu. They live in a small house with dirt floors and mud walls. Her mother works on a field to grow food crops. Her father cuts … More Compassion

The circle of life

During our stay in Kenya we saved our money for the park of the wildlife parks; the Masai Mara. It is one of the biggest wildlife parks in Kenya and the one with the highest wildlife concentration, especially regarding lions. So we had to take a lot of pictures, which resulted in empty batteries and … More The circle of life

Improved cookstoves

Finally a post about stoves, the actual reason we are here. Almost half of the world’s population is relying on solid fuels for cooking, mainly burned on inefficient open fires and traditional stoves. What many people don’t know is that the arising smoke causes acute respiratory infections (ARI) by mainly women and children, leading up … More Improved cookstoves


Mombasa is very different than the rest of Kenya due to the Arabs and Indians who are living there. You will find many mosques, temples and a Portuguese fort. We enjoyed ourselves at the Diani beach with chasing away the beach boys, playing bao (an original African game), snorkeling, reading and eating fish. We visited … More Mombasa

Hell’s Gate

Hell’s Gate is one of the national parks of Kenya but a special one. Not because there are special animals but by the lack of animals, namely dangerous animals. Giving the option to freely walk and even better cycle around. We took the long road (buffalo circuit) going where cars couln’t, so we had the … More Hell’s Gate


There is a large variety of colourful birds in Kenya. The avifauna of Kenya has a total of 1132 species. A bird that we often see is the weaver, commonly known by their incredible nest-building skills. The male will make the nest and the female chooses which nest suits here the best. The nest is … More Birds

Kerio Valley

During a weekend in Eldoret we visited the campus of Moi University, it is nearly as beautiful as the campus of University of Twente. We also reached Iten, the home of champions and the place where Lornah Kiplagat runs a training centre. They said to Bouke Pieter that if he comes to train there everyday, … More Kerio Valley