Emergency response distributions

Medair responded in the emergency by targeting the commune of Tiburon and focus on their shelter and WASH needs (water, sanitation and hygiene). Tiburon is a remote commune along the South coast of Haiti where more than 90% of the houses are destroyed. The area is difficult to reach; it takes half a day to reach the place from the major nearby town, Les Cayes. You need to pass a river and the dirt roads are washed away at some places. For this reason the area is kind of forgotten, so it is good that at least one humanitarian organisation is active there.

In the last weeks we were able to distribute more than 2000 kits to all the households in Tapion, Carrefour, Timpe, Bon Pas and La Cahouane. The kits provide the families with some hygiene essentials (such as soap and sanitary towels), a technology to treat their water (Sawyer filters or aquatabs) and shelter tools (tarp, rope, nails). For the households it is of enormous help to receive some basic survival tools, since they lost everything. Now they have a safe source of drinking water and are able to rebuild their houses.

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