Farm life

After spending 10 weeks on the farm we can now tell how the farm life is: always different! There is always something strange happening (a cow that dies, a pressure cooker that’s exploding, no more water, too much water) or something that needs to be repaired (a leaking roof, a fence, irrigation channel). And the … More Farm life

Podocarpus National Park

It´s nice to spent the weekend away from the farm for some new experiences. We´ve spent one weekend in Podocarpus National Park. It was very remote, pretty and beautiful. Camping in the wild, preparing dinner on a wood fire and showering under a 30 meter high waterfall; it´s great to be so close with nature.

Let the water run

We are working on a micro hydropower plant. In the first weeks we were focusing on making the foundations for the penstock (a tube where the water runs through). But that´s not as easy as it looks like. Here you really realize where your materials are coming from. For example the sand needs to be … More Let the water run

The Andean mountains

The Andean mountains are beautiful. They all have different colors varying from dark brown to yellow, red and green. At some places the view is so magnificent that you can see the different mountain ridges behind each other. It makes you feel small.